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Wil Wheaton: Trolldad

Guest Dabeagle

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I never saw Wil in the Star Trek series. Yeah, yeah, I know, I 've said before that fantasy and sci-fi aren't really for me. And, that's why I never saw him there. I did, however, see him in Stand By Me, and how he played that role, how he looked and acted, are to me close to what I want to bring to most of my characters: vulnerability, a barely awakening self-esteem, an inner spirit that is rarely seen but there when needed, a fragility, and most of all, great promise and the ability to face whatever lies ahead.

I loved him in that movie, and still remember that character with much emotion.


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I also saw Wil along with River Phoenix in Stand By Me and was amazed when he appeared as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek.

He's always been one of the well adjusted and good folks in the movie/TV industry. Thanks for sharing this with us!

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That is, from what I've ever seen, typical Wil Wheaton. The guy loves life, I think. He did, and I think still does, a podcast that includes science fiction and his own stream of consciousness stuff. The only caution, he doesn't hold back on cussing some.

I'm more than a little stunned that he has a son graduating college. I was just starting college when TNG started. But yeah, that's been um (mumble, mumble) a "few" years ago.

His role as Ens. Wesley Crusher was...not all it could have been. That was not his fault as an actor, but it was often how the role was written. I liked Wesley Crusher for the most part. :shrugs:

His performance in Stand By Me, along with the other young actors, was outstanding. That film captures so much of what it's like to be that age.

I've read he's really good to fans when he attends cons. He's supported the Firefly fandom, the Browncoats. ;)

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Ah, the Dad that is still a kid; the best kind.

I saw Wil in Star Trek and loved Stand By Me but I was recently surprised, when catching up on some episodes in The Big Bang Theory, to see him obiously enjoying a cameo role as Sheldon's nemesis.

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