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I Saw Daddy Blowing Santa Claus


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I Saw Daddy Blowing Santa Claus

Happy Christmas from Bi_janus

I saw Daddy blowing Santa Claus

Under the mistletoe late last night

In his concentration he could not have known

That instead of sugar-plum fairies, I saw Santa blown

Then I saw Daddy caressing Santa Claus

A good deal south of his white beard

I must be dreaming or mistaken

To see my Daddy and Santa so taken

I saw Daddy embracing Santa Claus

and pulling him gently to the floor

Santa didn’t care or mind in the least

Leaving milk and cookies for another kind of feast

I saw Daddy undressing Santa Claus

Red velvet flying through the air

Instead of shaking jelly I saw a pack of six

Nineteen years left me not prepared for these tricks

I saw Daddy loving Santa Claus

And then was undone by another revelation

Hearing Mommy’s voice so husky and so steady

Telling Daddy to make old St. Nick ready

I saw . . . well you can imagine with Santa Claus

And now I’m bewildered and confused

From time to time I had thought of other boys

But how I was intrigued at my parents’ choice

I saw Daddy and Mommy and Santa Claus

No voyeur, I finally left them to it

Back abed warm and cozy I mulled over the sight

And thought, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all bents a good-night!"

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