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What competes with Hash? (1967)


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What competes with Hash? (1967)


The sex, man, is

incredible, Jim

croons to me.

You’ll really dig

the blonde.

Richie, you’re

so lame, just

take a draw from the


With the old man,

in the garden,

both on knees,

where he considers

in silence

with a mind clear

as a diamond

for a half-hour

before snipping

the branch.

His laughter so

different than Jim’s.

The sex, man, is

incredible, I

croon to Jim,

when I really dig

the blonde,

drawing from his

fleshy hookah

after considering

him with clear mind

for a half-hour.

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I never tried the stuff, although my friend, Jim, was a connoisseur. The blonde in the first stanza refers to the Moroccan Hash that Jim craved; the blonde in the third stanza is a very good friend named Jay. You have it on the middle stanza--the old man is Japanese. I took the old man's example and just let life roll without benefit of chemical enhancement. I may be the only person who lived through the sixties without getting a buzz.

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