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You're Dead- You're Being Sued!

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I can't help it, I read this story and just have to share. Warning, it's macabre, it is NOT for the weak of heart or those who faint at gore (and I don't mean Al Gore).


If you don't want to follow the link but want a synopsis. Teen was running across tracks to catch a train. Another train sped down tracks at 70 mph, hitting the teen who promptly went splat! At least one of the teen's body parts hit a passenger on a nearby platform, knocking her down. She suffered broken wrist and some other injury.

She is now suing the teen's estate. I'd imagine this would fall under the homeowner's policy. Still, seriously, who is this woman's lawyer? Don't they know the train company has more liability insurance and higher limits? Sue them for not putting up netting to stop flying body parts. Or, maybe not having signs.

Will we now see signs saying like at ballparks but saying: Warning! Not responsible for flying body parts or debris from on-track collisions. Stand at your own risk!

Sorry, I"m still laughing and feeling guilty for the macabre humor, but it's sooooo...oh please tell me it's a fake story.

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