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Michell Bachman Drops Out

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I have a special phrase for her: See You Next Thursday. (If you know what I mean.)

I'm bummed out that, just for once, we can't have a Republican running for President who says, "you know, the government has no role in determining who gets to marry, and what their sexual orientation is. My main job is to create jobs, improve our economy, keep the country safe, bring the soldiers home, and spend less money. Government has no business looking after people's morality."

I'm not totally happy with Obama, but he's a thousand times better than these lunkheads. Man, who thought Newt Gingrich would fall apart so fast. I feel sorry for a guy who had to go through Junior High School with the name "Newt."

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There's a great article about Ayatollah Santorum from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/2...edmn_topstories.

I invented the title "Ayatollah Santorum" for him. Reading this article will show how increasingly appropriate and accurate that title is. After reading the article, go back to your copy of Midnight Dude and read the first story, Douglas Grant's Come With Me. If you live in the U.S. maybe you'll be able to sleep tonight. Maybe not.

Colin :icon_geek:

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You don't have to live in the U.S. to have nightmares about the religious extremists like your Ayatollah Santorum (great title, Colin) we have a worldwide infestation of ignorant bigoted cults that just cannot stop thinking about what other people do with their replicating body-bits and pieces. I swear these people think more about sex than I do, and that is remarkable enough in itself. Of course, I have never wanted to impose limits, other than participating personnel being of consenting age.

The good Ayatollah Santorum, also known as Cardinal Frothy Mix, gives a fine display of his inability to think logically in this video:


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Mr. Whillickers, I believe it may indeed be a horror comedy show these days. (I have trouble just calling Mr. Whillickers by "Gee," since I actually say and write "Gee" in real life often enough.)

I find myself agreeing strongly with Mr. Pecman, above. As this does not happen frequently, it should be notable. -- Pecman, yes, I would like to see a Republican candidate (or a Democratic candidate) who is more concerned about the economy, healthcare, and other pressing issues than with who wants to do what with whom sexually.

Gay rights are important to me. Make that, not-so-straight rights. I want to live to see the day when a boy doesn't want to kill himself or get beaten up for being called gay. I want a world where, if a guy likes another guy, he can walk right up and ask just like if he liked a girl. I don't much care if you call it gay marriage, partnership, civil union, or whatchamacallit. But if I find someone and fall in love, I'd very much like to have it publicly recognized by all my friends, and officially recognized under the law in any state in the union. I want those things. I do.

But I care even more whether I'll be able to keep my house or continue to put food on the table later this year. I'd like to have insurance if I get sick or injured or for existing conditions, or if my home needs repairs. I care about the economy and healthcare, even more than equal rights for what's in my shorts. I care about how we get along with other nations, other people generally. I care whether we are fighting another war, even if sometimes that might be necessary. There are a great many things I do care about that fall under the role of local, state, or federal government.

I would dearly like to see candidates and elected officials actually care about the same things and do something to solve real problems, instead of blowing hot air talking about things that matter very little to anyone but the people participating. Or various other issues that seem to be favorite diversionary, distracting rhetorical tactics the past several years.

If you are a candidate, talk to me, a voter and a citizen, about what matters to me. Don't try to blow hot air or pull the wool over my eyes. Or I'll wonder why that's all you can do, instead of telling me honestly and up front how you really propose to improve things and compromise and try alternatives until something works. Don't belittle the other guy. You have your few minutes to reach me. You. Not the other candidate. Tell me what you want to do to make this world and my country and my neighborhood and my individual life a little bit better. Or get the blazes out of the spotlight and off the microphone, and let somebody else have a crack at it.

And yes, Pres. Obama may not be perfect, but I believe he's trying, I think he does care, and I trust him more than any of the Republican candidates I've heard. I certainly would prefer him to Gov. Perry from my own state, who I hope will be elected out of the office of governor.

You know, in the past several elections, I have wished for a choice, "None of the Above," which would force a slate of new candidates from which to choose. That, at least, would have some better use than voting for Daffy or Mickey. No, I've never written in Daffy or Mickey, but for the last few elections, I have been tempted a few times. Instead, I have to vote for the best candidate or the one I feel is the least bad of the lot.

I want something better. I do not want a theocracy. I do not want a fascist or police state. I do not want someone hundreds of miles away or even next door, to be overly concerned about what I'd like to do in the privacy of my own home, should I have the audacity to invite someone in. (And please note, that might not even be anything sexual. But if I would like to be sexual with someone I invite over, I expect my neighbors and my government to stay the heck out of my shorts unless I invite them personally to take a look, thanks.) I feel pretty certain that my straight neighbors feel the same, oddly enough, abou their friends or their boyfriends/girlfriends/spouses.

Why is it even an issue the current candidates want to talk about, when there are so many other more urgent and very real problems out there in this world?

Why? Because they don't have anything better to talk about, any better ideas or plans to put forward, or even anything better to do than snipe at one another, or at the public they want to be elected to serve. When you, as a candidate, start telling me, as a voting citizen, what you think of my sexual proclivities, when you have never met me and have no understanding of what I stand for or how I feel or think, then you really are going to miss my vote, and someone else will get it instead. Because I will vote, with my vote and with the choices I make in daily living. Likewise about businesses that want me to buy from them. I can shop elsewhere. I can even move, if need be. But despite certain candidates' opinions, I was born and raised in my home state, and despite its problems, I think it is overall a fine place in which to live. Likewise for my country. I would love to visit or even live for a while elsewhere, if I could. But this is the nation I was born and raised in. I happen to care very much about it and want it to have a fine future. In fact, I want it to have a better future than what I see ahead, if things continue as they are. I hope and pray that better future will come to pass. I'd hate to wake up one day and find I no longer recognize the land I was born in.

So candidates, listen up, do something right, or someone else will win the election. I will cast my vote too.

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One of Canada's more famous statesmen, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, said while amending the Criminal Code in the late 1960's to get rid of antiquated anti-homosexuality laws, "There's no place for the State in the bedrooms of the nation." He then added, "...what's done in private between adults doesn't concern the Criminal Code".

This became a policy statement and greatly influenced Canadian politics to this day, up to and including, I believe, gay marriage. Even now, in the days of more and more rampant fringe right-wing conservatism, you won't find many politicians who would dare to speak against gay marriage, pornography, contraception, and all of the other things that seem to be such a hot topic in US politics. We can but sit, stare, and shake our heads while watching the feces being flung.

Oh, and we still can't figure out what you guys have against universal health care. It just seems so...well...barbaric...that you have people speaking out against it.

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Australia agrees with your summary, Gee, except for our Prime Minister who seems to think that she has to hold back on passing same gender marriage law, for traditional values' sake. That Pierre Trudeau would have roundly told her to stop kowtowing to her party's right-wing faction, I have no doubt.

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