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I thought all of Chaucer's works had already been found and published.

Seriously, though, these are lovely sounds that resonate deliciously. Especially in the mouth of a well-schooled speaker of English, as demonstrated by your audio clip.

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I saw Tim Burton's 'Alice in wonderland' with Johnny Depp a couple of weeks ago so maybe that's where it came from. But more likely from the byways and highways of Vivian Stanshall's Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, intertwined with Sir Henry at Rawlinson End. Then again you probably had to be there.

Thank you muchly for your comments ... Prokofiev?

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Oh good, I wasn't the only one to read something into that young sibdorn polishing the groat.

I once told an author he should use a different word than "chortled," I should never have told him that. (No, the character just laughed or chuckled or something, but it would've been fine if he'd chortled, as often as he wanted.) Apparently, I had issues with chortling I never knew about....

I mention it because we can thank Lewis Carroll for inventing "chortled."

Vorpal's a good word too.

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