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It's a shot of my city's skyline, with lyrics from one of my favorite songs, "Bike Rides and High Fives" by Rosa. I thought it matched well with the name banner I made for my author's page on Codey's World, which is the same skyline with the city's old railroad map juxtaposed. Call it "urban wanderlust" meets "nostalgiac resilliance." Heh.


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Well, I listened to it. That's something. About all I got out of it is that he's going to look for someone on the other side of town. And that he'd keep fighting. The rest of it was sort of lost. I always have problems figuring out lyrics. I do with this, with rap, and even with Gilbert and Sullivan. I've come to the conclusion it's me rather than the bands.

At least, when you get older, you have an excuse. Right, Des? Right, James?


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I think we do have to work harder to access some forms of music and literature, (Shakespeare included) and as you note Cole, it isn't always modern or current stuff with which we have to concentrate.

It may be of course that we are relating to the works under the influences of our own pre-set experiences which causes our reactions to be somewhat dismissive.

I have found it is best to let the new and unfamiliar settle, before I take an axe to it. That at least gives me the opportunity to have that joyous moment of realising that an axe is not always necessary for some modern acts. Sorting out the truly creative from the corporate manipulation of popular artists is a minefield that sometimes seems more inclined to reveal that talent is not appreciated until we have approached it without our initial and immediate reaction of rejection.

We don't have to like it, but more times than not I have found the worth of modern art and artists only becomes evident after letting them perform without judgement.

There are truly more awful things than a teenager banging trash can lids and spinning on the sidewalk. Just listen to those horrible movie soundtracks where the passage of time is yet again, and again suggested by descending piano notes. Totally uncreative boredom - mediocrity.

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