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The Trogdon Way by Chris James


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It seems the dynamic duo have a thing for finding trouble and ways to solve it. I see a bit of Sherlock Holmes in there too.

In my case, it rather took me back to 1956 and The Hardy Boys Mystery of the Applegate Treasure on the Mickey Mouse Club. Plus at the time (I was 10) I was strangely attracted to the Hardy Boys, though I didn't know why. Actually, I take that back. I didn't think twice about it; it seemed perfectly natural. I had yet to associate anything with the Q word, or even know there was such a thing.

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I read all those Hardy Boys Mystery books, Paul...and the Tom Swift series as well. It was all fun and no doubt has influenced what I write today. But now we have a whole generation of kids that sit in darkened rooms playing video games or those see basketball as the ultimate adventure. Worse, there are only a few in that generation who read actual books. Support your local library!

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Books like the Hardy Boys got me reading. I read all of those -- well, all of them that had been written till I'd moved past them -- and other boy's adventure stories: Rick Brandy, Ken Holt, Tom Quest, the Mercer Boys and it seems I'm forgetting one. I read them all several times over.

My mother was always complaining I spent too much time reading trashy novels. I don't regret it. Because of those books, I learned to love to read, and have been doing so assiduously every since.


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They also gave you a sense of adventure, Cole, I see it in your stories.

I have mentioned to several of you before that I never saw a television until I was 12 years old, and the first show I saw was the Micky Mouse Club and a slew of cartoons. I grew up in Japan from the mid-50's until '61. They had television, if you spoke fluent Japanese and like Kabuki soap operas.

So from the time I could read all I had were books for entertainment, oh, and films which gave me a view of the America I didn't know. I had a school library filled with thousands of books. I still look back on that fondly.

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I grew up in a family of readers. Our family room has built-in bookcases covering three walls and they are so stuffed with books that if someone buys a book to go into the family library a book of similar size has to be taken out. My folks tried to catalogue the books once and ended up giving up because it was too big of a job.

My dad and my sisters have tablets and my mom has a Kindle. They read on the Kindle/Kindle apps and they read books from the library. Many of the books my family has aren't available for eReaders, including most of my dad's collection of science fiction books and magazines.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I thought I had read all of Chris James work, this is one I had missed. In many ways it is a typical Chris James story, masterfully told by a master writer. It is also a challenging story because it raises questions about race and prejudice. It is a story which is full of incident, adventure and romance. Above all it is a story told by a master story teller. It is one I am definitely going to print out and bind so it can sit on my bookshelf, next to other Chris James stories, to be returned to from time to time.

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