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Beware of Yahoo!


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Yahoo, in what on the surface appears to be an attempt to upgrade its mediocre webmail service to the class of Gmail, is now offering us a button to click for it's new email browser... which cedes away your right to privacy:

By clicking the button above, I certify that I have read and agreed to the Communications Terms of Service, and Yahoo! Privacy Policy. To deliver product features, relevant advertising and abuse protection, Yahoo!'s automated systems scan and analyze all email, IM and other communications content.

If you don't upgrade now, we recommend that you upgrade soon. You may access Yahoo! Mail Classic, but we strongly encourage you to either upgrade to the newest version of Yahoo! Mail or review Yahoo! Mail Help for other options. No, thanks. Continue to Yahoo! Mail Classic.

If you already have Yahoo Mail Classic and are happy with it... I suggest you choose the No, Thanks option.

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