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Now Is the Hour

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I am overwhelmed by Now Is the Hour, a novel by Tom Spanbauer [available new (expensive) or used on Amazon and probably at your local library].

It is the story of Rigby John Klusener's coming of age in South Idaho in the 1960s and the realization of his sexuality.

To me, it ranks with Catcher in the Rye in quality and the prose is often like poetry.

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Interesting choice. Spanbauer is an excellent author. Of course our local library won't have the book but it is available from Amazon for about $7.00 + shipping. (paperback) Now is the Hour isn't a new book, written in 2006, wonder how I missed it.

About 12 years ago I came across Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon and I thought Spanbauer was really taking a risk with his portrayal of Native Americans. But I loved the book and realized that his commentary was larger than the words on the page, he is quite the philosopher. I would recommend that one, too.

Thanks for the suggestion, now where is that list of other books I want from Amazon?

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