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Is it possible to have a happy open marriage?


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Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich's ex-wife has said they divorced after she rejected his request for an "open marriage".

People in open marriages have told the BBC that if her version of events is true, the former House Speaker broached the subject the wrong way.

Several years after their wedding, Jenny Block realised that even though she loved her husband and wanted to be with him, she needed more.

Today, Ms Block, a writer, lives with Christopher in Dallas. Her girlfriend Jemma does not live with the couple - but spends a lot of time in the house.

"It's been me and my girlfriend and me and my husband, and the two of them are really good friends, but they're not sexually involved," says Ms Block, 41, author of Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage.

"We're the most boring, regular, Scrabble and takeout Chinese on Saturday night kind of family. I have one other partner - that's the difference between our marriage and other marriages. No hanging naked from the chandelier. You couldn't detect anything if you came over for dinner."


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Let me see if I remember way back when I had 3 boyfriends and a girl friend. Oh right, that was when we sixties hippies threw away the rule book.

However, I confess that appointments were necessary when other people invited me to an orgy. And I almost had my promiscuity card confiscated by the free sex committee, because of time constrictions on those kinds of activities.

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The irony in that is, if they could read, the dogs would all try to follow the rules and make appointments, and the cats would blithefully ignore them.


No wonder I love cats, so defiantly anti-authoritarian; so delightfully bucking the rules.

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The irony in that is, if they could read, the dogs would all try to follow the rules and make appointments, and the cats would blithefully ignore them.


You mean they can't read? :ohmy: But.. but... they've been editing AD for years, now!

Next, you're gonna tell me they can't write code! :shock:

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I swear, we'll hijack any thread if cats get mentioned.

Apparently every cat lover has a happy open marriage...well at least a open marriage...after all happiness really is relative.


Jason, you obviously never knew my relatives. My father favoured open marriages, and as he was in the merchant navy, he tried to open a new marriage in every port into which his ship berthed.

My mother did not approve.

Me? I was jealous for 32 minutes when I was 18 during the time that my boyfriend was opening more than a marriage in the woodshed, with a girl. I dismissed him.

Since that early lesson, I realised that jealousy was a curse which I did not need, and with the free love of the 60s being very influential in my life I was all for marrying every boy I met, until the bedroom became so overcrowded that the cats rebelled and threatened to leave home. From that time forward my boyfriend and I have faithfully kept our relationship confined to a few best friends. Sadly they have all gone and got themselves married, partnered, or made other arrangements...and the cats all died.

We will be getting a new cat as soon as we can afford the vet bills. As for an open marriage, I must remember to take down the sign on the front door. You know the one that reads, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

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