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Coming Out Challenge - Feb 15th 2012

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When Gee Whillickers challenged his fellow AwesomeDude Authors to write stories with a central theme 'Coming Out,' a number of the group expressed interest.

For whatever reasons - work or family obligations, AWOL muse, therapy or DT's - eight authors answered the challenge and have submitted stories, with GW's own story we'll have nine brand new short stories for you on February 15th and will appear with our AwesomeDude Mid-Week postings on Wednesday morning.

We want to thank all who made the effort to write a 'challenge story' but weren't for some reason able to follow through in the month we allotted to write... and we'd especially like to thank these AwesomeDude's for delivering:

  • Altimexis
  • Bi Janus
  • Bruin Fisher
  • Camy Sussex
  • Cole Parker
  • Colin Kelly
  • Gee Whillickers
  • James Merkin
  • Richard Norway

We hope you enjoy these stories by these excellent authors!

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