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Nonsense by Moi


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By Lugnutz

Based on a challenge presented by Richard Norway, this came to me. Title and the gibberish.

Take a couple motorheads and throw in sarcasm and a knack for throwing made up words around and see what you get. Here is my take on it.


The scene takes place in the garage where our two stalwart hero's discuss what is needed to be done to get the car ready for the next season. The discussion started normally but went downhill fast as it usually does.

What do you think of this?” Jake asked Jeremy.

I have no idea. What is it?”

It's a new muffler bearing for the Camaro. It's supposed to make it go faster.”

It's the wrong size. It won't flow worth a damn down there”

What makes you say that? I'll put next to the Holley shifter. If anything, it will look cool”

I'll get helium for the car tires then, it will make the car lighter and faster than your muffler bearing would.”

Use hydrogen if you want to have a blast. I should put that in the gas tank, You could be able to see the flames for miles. “

And ruin the $9.99 roll on paint special, I don't think so. If you want a thrill, put on a horse harness and pull the car around.”

Pulling horses run in pairs, where is your harness?”

Hanging on the whachamacallit. You know where, by the doohickie.”

Give me a break. That is no whachamacallit, it's a thingamagig.”

My bad. Did you strip the couch for that shirt you're wearing or was it old drapes?”

And here I thought I had fashion sense, it's called starting a trend. I can get one made for you if you want one so bad.”

Do that, I'll need something to mop up the oil your muffler bearing is going to leak.”

It's better than the cross drilled brake hoses I was looking at. Those would cause too much drag and slow the car down.”

You would be better off getting Doc Brown to put a flux capacitor on. You would be done before you start.”

Nah, too much money. I still think muffler bearings are the ticket.”

One problem. You need mufflers to run bearings or has that fact escaped you? A chrome tailpipe tip would look cool though.”

No problem, I'll get super performance mufflers so I won't need bearings. No oil leaks either.”

That would fit nicely with that loose nut behind the wheel, they make a tool for that you know.”

It would be better than your failed experiment of using piston return springs. How many springs did you stretch out on that venture?”

More than I can count, At least three. Maybe fast acting blinker fluid would have fixed it. I read online that 60% of the time, it works every time. “

I would put money on 78% of those people were talking out of their ass. Rectal cranial inversion syndrome anyone?”

Is that why your breath smells like that then? Want a Tic-Tac?”

No, I'll settle for litter box crunchies. Makes the last pizza you got seem like fine dining.”

You weren't running for the hills last time I kissed you so it wasn't that bad.”

Lets just get the car out and see how fast the cops show up. Maybe they can beat their last call.”

That means I need to get bail money ready. You better loose the thong if they haul you off.”

If I do that in the driveway, I won't need to fire up the car to get the police to come. The old biddie next door needs a thrill and me bareass in the drive won't cut it. There needs to be massive amounts of noise.”

Lets just go inside, order a pizza, put a movie in and curl up on the couch”

Race ya!”

This is something I just thought of when inspiration struck. Thanks for lighting a fire under my ass.

Who is next?

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