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Strange Allies for the LBGTQ Community...

Chris James

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We all know this man, and I for one have never liked him. Over the years his foul mouth has irritated me and about half the nation. In my opinion Howard Stern is a frickin idiot...and then he does something like this:


I suppose the LBGTQ community should be thankful for his support on this issue. I don't listen to his rants on the radio so I have no idea if this is a unique moment or a cause he has supported all along. Perhaps some of you know him better...I'm still not sure I want to. But thanks, Howard...for the moment anyways.

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Howard Stern has always been supportive of the gay community. One of the first things he did when joining Sirius Satellite Radio was carry a few minutes of one of my morning drive newscasts at Sirius OutQ Gay Channel live on his program and proclaim his approval that Sirius had such a service.

Despite his somewhat 'potty mouth' presentation, Howard has been a solid and consistant ally of the LGBT communityand I applaud his speaking out on this.

I'm no longer employed by Sirius and seldom hear their programming, but he is one of the most popular attractions on sattelite radio and in a good position to influence, positively, their audiience.


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Howard is not only very pro-gay, he's been very vocal about gay marriage for at least ten years. He has a great line: "I think gay people should have the right to be just as miserable and unhappy as straight couples."

Stern also applauded Rosie O'Donnell when she finally came out, and even though he had made fun of her for years (and dropped many hints about her inclinations), they buried the hatchet and have been on each other's shows in the last couple of years. And they're actually fans of each other's.

Stern has been guilty of catering to certain gay stereotypes -- like asking gay guests, "so, are you the man or the woman in the relationship?" -- so he's definitely not very knowledgeable about certain aspects of gay lifestyles. But he's actually a very non-discrimantory guy in that respect. I also think Howard's toned down his act by a factor of 50 in the last ten years. It helps when you're making $75 million a year (plus now another $15 million for America's Got Talent), and are married to a model and own two $30 million houses.

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