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Editing demo/process/trial... whatever you want to call it

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I haven't seen any other editors express an interest, so it looks like I'll be sending out the short story to WBMS, Talonrider, AJ and Aaron.

I'll email it in Word, RTF and HTML format, which should hopefully cover all bases.

We still have a few days before I'll be doing this if other editors what to get involved. Aaron is back from his vacation around the 19th, so edits would be due by the 27th.

Anyone have any comments to make?


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That looks good, Aussie. I hope that a couple of the other editorial types will join us, but I actually think 4 is not a bad start on this particular demonstration. After all, it's got to be posted in it's entirety 5 times--once to show before the edits, and once each for each of the participating prosemenders.

Anyway...I look forward to getting the story, and can't wait to see what those guys do with it.



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The story has been emailed. If you have any problems with receiving it, or opening the attachments, please let me know.

If any other editors want to be involved, there is still plenty of time!


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Okay... I need some guidance here.

I have receive back the first edit from one person, and there were quite a few things that I should address.

Should I:

a) Continue the edit process by making changes and sending it back to that editor, or

b) Wait until I hear from everyone else?

Graeme :?

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We need to gather them all somewhere, and then send both the edited editions and the unedited story to Mike. If you'd like to send them to me, and then have me send them on, that's fine...but since you already seem to be receiving them back, why don't you wait till you have all of them, and then send 'em off to Mike from your addie? Either way is fine with me...I'm not particularly posessive about this thing.

Mike will be the one to decide how to display the demo...so we'll just send 'em off into his capable hands and let it go at that.

BTW...did my first edit of the vignette this afternoon, and i'll send it to you tonite.



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Hi, AJ,

Yes, I did get your edits. Thank you very much (especially for the comments at the end).

As the purpose of this exercise is mainly to highlight and demostrate different editing styles, I am thinking that I should stop until I have everyone's edits back (which will be a couple of weeks, at least, with Aaron on vacation). I do have to say (being selfish) that I resent that, as I'd like to act on the feedback I've been given so far to do another version of the story.... However, I will resist the temptation (or, if I succumb, I will resist telling anyone about it) until after this round is released.

Graeme :D

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Graeme, I would have to say, if you want to go thru them, then go ahead and do it. Then once all are in and ready, send them to Mike. And if you want to rework the story, thats totally up to you.

And with the stories you've written already, I think you should add this one to the collection. It really show your versitility.


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