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Computer Drive, Part 1


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Someone suggested a flashfic challenge, all dialogue, no narrative description. That's almost a theater script or radio drama. Cool.

Well, a few years back now, I wrote a story, all in dialogue, that's a little too long for flashfic and a little too short to be a short story. Then of course, Colin suggested I should do another installment. I had an idea then, but it just sat.

So in answer to the challenge and in a blatant bid for attention, not only to my writing but to Codey's World, ;) , here is the link to the posted story. It's available at my own site and at Codey's World.


Computer Drive ~ Part 1

I have another which may or may not be all dialogue, without quote marks. I'll post the link later after I've read it.

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I actually got an email on this story. :O I'm glad it was appreciated. I reached into my dusty old email box and discovered a couple of neglected responses. Actual email from readers. Wow! (Can you tell I rarely get email?)

Thanks, everyone. At the time I wrote Part 1, Colin challenged me to write a Part 2, and I had some ideas, but set the story aside. We'll see what happens next....

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You'll now find my stories and poems at:


Dude has updated my author link on the AwesomeDude home page.

Here's the link there to Computer Drive:

Computer Drive

While I've moved my writing from Codey's World for now, I think we can expect a good outcome for the site.

Things will get settled there. No trouble, just some management changes going on.

Tim or Dude will have some comment when appropriate.

Please direct any questions about CW to them, as I don't speak for Codey's World at present.

Please also hold off on any questions about the move of my writing. This thread is for the story, not side issues.

I simply want my writing to remain available during the transition. I still support CW and AD as always.

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