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Republican debates


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pRick "Frothy Mix" Scrotorum knows entirely too much about gay anal sex without having done intensive research on his own. He often talks about it longingly in front of large groups of strangers... like a slut.

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A story I took great interest in reporting while a news anchor at Sirius OutQ Radio was about Santorum's 'Family Values.' Some years ago, when his wife had an early-on miscarriage, Santorum used his political clout to get the hospital to let them take the fetus home. He introduced the lump of matter to his young children as their sibling before the health authorities forced him to return it for proper sanitary disposal.

Thank God this idiot hasn't an ice cube's chance in Hell of being elected.... but the fact that he could get the support he has shown so far is a scary, scary thing indeed.


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Scares the hell out of me. Along with his aggressive denial of equality human rights, based on his beliefs, he is nothing short of an extremely misguided and ignorant individual. The danger is, he is not the only one. The fact that those kind of candidates, including the likes of Newt Gingrinch, have got as far as they have, gives me the impression that there are sufficient Right wing conservative voters out there who are looking for a 'father' figure to make their life decisions for them, and would elect one of those extremists. They have every chance of succeeding, not so much by seducing more voters, but because left wing voters, for whatever reason, abstain from voting.

Who dares write an apocalyptic story about the end of the American Dream because the Constitution gets hi-jacked by religious crazies on the Right?

Who dares write a story describing the reaction of an out of the closet LGBTQ people being rounded up into isolation camps for ex-gay therapy.

Couldn't happen? If there is money to made from it, then there is sufficient corporate corruption out there to attempt it.

Historical precedent indicates that any society that accepted homosexuality, eventually passed laws against it.

Yeah, I think it's all that scary, that insane.

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Actually- the tea party doesn't like him. He's a big spender. He is the benefit of the "Not-Mitt" and "Not-Newt" feelings in the primaries.

Anyway- the media will do a hack job on him and he'll fade like Newt.

To know him is to be disgusted by him.

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