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Decades and Fifty Minutes to Intimacy by Bi Janus


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Part of the 'Coming Out Challenge'

In hindsight 'Decades and Fifty Minutes to Intimacy' by Bi Janus is completely captivating. My hindsight begins a page or two in, after I realise the opening line: The Zetron tones sounded in the bay of Station 8 isn't science fiction!

Again, I found myself not only reading a story, but learning about a group of people I knew absolutely nothing about. 'Decades and Fifty Minutes to Intimacy' grabbed me and took me on a very worthwhile journey.

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Oh how well I agree with you, Camy. I found myself swept up in the story so fast I lost track of the time.

The mark of a good story is when you learn something while being entertained. Bi Janus really hit the ground running with his action packed opening and then the story just rolled out in a wonderful fashion. The descriptive scenes did more to educate me about firefighters and paramedics than anything else I have read.

But the point of these stories in the contest was "coming out" and this story gave us that in a very real, and sometimes sad way. The characters were empathetic, the dialogue right to the point. Kudos, Bi Janus. I liked this story very much...and now on to read the rest of them.

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Guest Dabeagle

I don't know that I can add anything new here, but I'll give it a go. The odd updates of every few minutes in the beginning had me slightly confused and I struggled a bit with the jargon. I have to admit, with the first paragraph, I thought perhaps it was going to be a sci-fi story. By the time I reached the end it was apparent that it was more a summation of a man's journey to a point where he'd finally figured out what's important, and that's always an important journey. And yes, Luggie took whatever was in his eye and flung it in mine, the miscreant.

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