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Schnonk by Camy Sussex

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As he wends his way through the Challenge Stories, I am sure he'll manage to miss his own, so it's appropriate to say a word that he'd be too humble to say himself.

Schnonk is a wonderful story depicting English people behaving Englishly. Both setting and characters are arresting, and you can't help but smile as you're pulling for them to somehow work everything out.

I don't have to encourage anyone to read it. I just need to say Camy wrote it. That's enough.


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A wonderfully written and so very English story. Somehow, even the sex scenes were dripping (ahem) with British culture. So very well done. I wanted to say it's one of Camy's best stories, but that wouldn't really be accurate, now would it? Since every story is superlative it becomes a bit redundant to try and compare them with each other.


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Guest Dabeagle

One of the things I enjoyed about this is the setting. The details were at just the right level to allow your mind to build this beautiful English manor out in the country. I also liked the insecurities on both ends, going so far as to play the hired help? I guess some things may never be outgrown.

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Camy never fails to write a script that I would not hesitate to turn into a play.

Dirk Bogarde and Cary Grant...yes they would be admirable in the roles, if we could get both of them out of the dressing room.

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