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Family Outing by Merkin


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This account of a young boy's coming out to his family is just that, there's very little in the way of story around it. It stands on its own as a vignette and tells its story simply and cleanly and despite its brevity it gave me a clear picture of the family, and the tensions in the car between the various family members. It's a marvel of brevity, simple and satisfying.

Can I have an Uncle Ralph, too?

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Beautiful short story, proving once again the huge feelings don't have to come from a huge, lengthy story. Sometimes the reverse is true instead. I had to laugh reading this, because I well remember being the victim of these exact same family drives when I was a lad, usually tempered by stops to allow my little sister to recover from being carsick. Oh, the joy.

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Another "pick from the past" that well deserved to be revisited.

I feel very blessed not to have had a big sister -- only younger brothers. My dad had two older sisters, and he said that growing up it was like having three mothers, always critical of whatever he wore or said or did.

Anyway, nice work.


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