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Rhythm by John Terry Moore


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We are pleased to welcome John Terry Moore and his novel Rhythm to AwesomeDude. The story is divided into two parts, the first following a group of young men through their Uiversity Days and the second After University. In his Foreword, John writes:

So why set this little story in the future?

Here we are at the end of the noughties and I’m asking readers to skip forward and focus on the period 2018 through to 2030.


Well, the answer is simple if you are attracted to a same-sex attracted person.

Because looking back on centuries of history, we have had more than our fair share of pain; physical and emotional.

Pain which still exists in some societies; where just being same-sex attracted can mean the death penalty. This occurs, even though same-sex attracted people comprise an undisputed ten per cent of humanity!

Homophobia in all its forms; from personal violence to social alienation, has wounded many of us; from a simple feeling of inferiority in some, to total loss of emotional well-being in others; sometimes resulting in self-harm and suicide.

So why swim around in a sea of misery; and focus on where we’ve been, and how we all felt like second class citizens?


Why not look forward, to where our lives are likely to be happier?

Because finally there has been change; attitudinal as well as legislative change, particularly throughout the western world.

Gay marriage is now not only on the agenda, it is a fact of life in many western nations. And I mention gay marriage specifically because it is the final recognition in law that same-sex attracted people are the same as other people.

That our rights, privileges and responsibilities are the same as everyone else.

And once that comes to pass, there can be no more excuses for homophobia or religious vilification.


I try not to be too optimistic because ‘gay politics’ has always been three steps forward and two back.

But there are so many encouraging signs, both here in Australia and around the world.

The power and influence of the church is waning, yet people are kinder, nicer and more honest with their feelings than ever before. That in itself underscores the fact that the basic human condition is goodness, not evil, and the influence of the church has been counter-productive and a waste of Sundays.

The church forecast of a society descending into moral turpitude simply hasn’t happened; but I wish it had because now I’m too old to enjoy it!


So we’ve written about an Australia where we just get on with the job, where many of the social mores that are evident in today’s society are changed forever. And the encouraging message is that the young people of Australia are standing up, all of them, whatever they identify as, and saying; ‘Listen babe, you ignore our gay mates and we’ll piss you off, out of office, faster than ice on a barbeque!’

Good reading, I hope you enjoy the story!

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