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I hugged a man in his underwear

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Good! Acceptance. Reconciliation. Healing. Hugging. Making friends. Rebuilding from the broken. If only more of us, wherever we come from, could do this more.

Tomorrow's my birthday. Thanks for this ray of hope.

I have seen people who are supposed to be friends and family, who cannot accept gay people.

I have seen people who are also friends and family, who do accept gay people.

A few months ago, I got an amazing hug from someone I'd just met. -- Because of the circumstances, I have been reluctant to go back and say thanks, but I still need to. Whether just a gesture of compassion and friendliness, which I think it was, or whether meant as more, which it probably wasn't, that nice guy deserves another thank you for being so kind. That day, it made a huge difference.

I am not a perfect guy. I have my stuff too. I want to be better. I want the people I care about to be better.

I hate it when people can't bring themselves to understand. I've run into people, including relatives, who refuse to understand. That saddens me.

I don't like it when I see my own faults either. I especially don't like it when my stuff and other people's stuff clash and hurt each other's feelings. There are some people I will always miss, and still think of as friends, despite that either of us changed.

So when we see something positive, where people find ways to get together or get back together and put the old junk behind them, that is an inspiration.

Friendship and love are far too rare in this world. We need to celebrate them, male or female, opposite sex or same sex. "Love" and "relationships" are about more than who we want to be our partner or boyfriend or girlfriend, after all, though yes, that is one of the important kinds.

Go hug somebody, underwear or not! :hug:

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I love this comment someone (Gunner) posted on the article:

Well done Nathan. As a Christian I am ashamed at how the church has singled out a sin and judged. It's about time the church said sorry to those who live lifestyles it doesn't agree with. Jesus hung out with prostitutes and thieves, it doesn't mean he agreed with what they did and how they lived. It seems to me that the modern "moral" Christian is more like a Pharisee.

Commenter: Gunner

Date and time: March 02, 2012, 11:06AM

Colin :icon_geek:

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