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Let it Be

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These two kids, Michael Province violinist then age 15 and Nathan Chan cellist then age 16, jam out some good ol' Beatles Let it Be in 2010.


Colin :icon_geek:

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I know they are both older now by a couple of years, but isn't it delightful to know that they represent what is incredible about that generation. There is so much negative thought about the teen years, and here we have two fine examples of what is right and good.

For a long time, musicians of this caliber seemed to exist only in older generations. But following along on other videos of these two you would see that their talent only grows better with time. I am sure that a Beatles tune is just as exciting to them as it was in my day. How fortunate we are to have them.

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There is a nationally broadcast show on NPR each week called From The Top with concert pianist Christopher O'Riley. It features classical musicians from all over the country playing solos and sonatas, and a few ensembles: trios, quartets and the like. The fascinating thing is, all the performers, except for Chris who often accompanies, are kids. They range in age from about 8, although that's unusual, to about 17. And the level or their playing is absolutely phenomenal.

In LA, the show is on Sunday evenings, around 6 PM. I'm sure it's on different times other places, but if you ever get the opportunity to hear it, do. You'll be astounded at how good these kids are. They've have performers on all the orchestral instruments, plus piano, and the occasional singer.

The two kids in this video are on the level of the kids that perform each week.


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I have the utmost faith in the young. Sure there are some that never 'get it' but there are many that I have seen, at various ages of my life, who appreciate not just the music of their times but of other eras as well. It is always a joy to me to introduce a young person to music they think they will dislike only to discover that they love it.

The two boys in the video are just having so much fun that their enjoyment is infectious.

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