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Time For A Change

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Spring forward. Fall back.

I only like it when it means we magically gain an extra hour between time change, so we get to sleep an hour extra.

I hate mornings. I'm a night owl by nature. I'd like night time even more if I could freakin' see in the dark, but noooo. I have nothing against the pretty sunrise or the early morning dew or the pleasant cool in the mornings (unless it's friggin' cold out, that I do mind). I just don't like having to be up so blasted early. But because most of the rest of the world thinks that's crazy, I have learned to get up when it's required. But I don't have to like it!

I also learned to be civil when I get up. As long as I've had a shower to help wake up, and a cup of hot tea or coffee or other caffeinated drink, I can be reasonably civil to anyone else in the house when I get up. I'm fine once I get going. But this is a learned behavior. That just ain't natural, I tell ya!

My grandmother and one very good friend were natural morning people, though. As in, pre-dawn and they are happy as larks, chipper and eager to talk and do. How, I ask you, can anyone *be* like that? The thing was, they were great, you couldn't not like them.

Anyhoo, thanks for the reminder. I would've missed out. Haven't had the TV on in ages.

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Yes, but just think... you get an extra hour of sleep when we set our clocks back in the fall. Unless you're like me and stay up during that extra hour. Go figure.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I've never really understood why we do this. Despite what Colin says, we don't really get an extra hour of anything. The earth still spins on its axis at the same speed.

The reasons sometimes given (children going to school in daylight etc) could be resolved by running winter semesters an hour later than summer semesters. All other 'advantages' are illusory, aren't they?

It just gives us all an excuse to be disoriented for a few days twice a year. And at least once to turn up late for work...

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Yeah, it is silly. Personally, I'd prefer we stay on Daylight all the time, with the long summer evenings. Various places still don't go on DST, like the province of Saskatchewan (though there are still certain areas within Saskatchewan that do observe it). This makes traveling from either Alberta or Manitoba to Saskatchewan very interesting, since sometimes you change your watch and sometimes you don't when you cross the timezone line, depending on what time of the year it is.

I remember reading about some weird situation where a town doesn't observe DST, but is completely enclosed inside a Reservation that does, which is completely inside an area that doesn't, but the rest of the state it is in does. I have no idea how they'd keep that straight.

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