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Australia: An unique experience.

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I've always recognized how the Australians aren't afraid to laugh at themselves. In a good way!

And after seeing this promo on Australia it's going to be a snowy day in Perth before I come to visit!

Colin :icon_geek:

Hey, just kidding!

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At least your threats are all natural, and it's possible to shake your head, sigh, and mutter "Bad luck. Balance of Nature." Here our threats are all contrived, legislated, and enforced. Or potentially elected. All things considered, I'll pack and be on my way. Save me some of that antivenom.

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Even in Aussie Utopia, we have our political legislative drongos. (Drongo, polite definition: a person of bad judgement. Not so polite: A bloody idiot.)

One of the reasons I take such an interest in U.S. politics is that our political drongos, from both sides of the spectrum, often allow themselves to be influenced by what is happening in America, (and the UK. too, but that isn't as much as a problem as it used to be.)

Our Aussie sense of a 'Fair go for all,' is being undermined by the same conservative authoritarianism that is rearing its ugly backside in so many places around the planet. Intelleigence is in short supply, and critical thought is being replaced by enforcing 'behavioural norms' for the sake of conformity. Same sex marriage polls as high as 84% in favour (18-24 age bracket). Legislation will be presented in our Federal parliament soon we hope, but many of the politicians are conservative drongos who worry about what the religious supposedly, think.

We are lucky that Australia is surrounded by water, effectively isolating us from most 'border' problems. As much as we love the connection with the rest of the world via the Internet, it has emboldened our minority religious extremists, but most of us are far too busy engaging in riotous sexual escapades, or trying to eke out a happy existence, to take any notice of them.

We can accommodate most climates without the cold extremes, but the Snowy Mountain region does have snow every year for a few weeks, I believe.

We have lots of places where the weather is as hot as the men. I'm told the women are hot too, but I wouldn't know anything about that.

As for the anti-venom, we have lots of that available almost on demand. (Don't go in the water as the anti-venom doesn't work on shark bites, or attacks from the minority rabid religious right.)

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Sounds lovely to me, but when I enquired of your consulate as to how to get an entry permit for eventual residence, all they could tell me was that I had to get arrested, lose at trial, and then I would be thrown into a prison ship for eventual delivery to your shores. Seems chancy but I'll try it. Pray a good lawyer won't get me off.

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