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McDonald's French TV ad

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I wish I spoke French! The second one looks like a good spot (and is much better shot).

I should've provided a translation, but I'll confess, I couldn't make out all the words. My French is now very rusty from lack of daily practice, and I lack the vocabulary I'd have if I'd been immersed in a French-speaking area.

Both are great!

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The only people offended by it would be those who enjoy being offended.

Maybe it's "The only people offended by it would be those who enjoy complaining about being offended."

Colin :icon_geek:

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You could ask Gee to translate for you. Don't all Canadians speak fluent French? Parlez Francais courement?


Haha, I wish. We all take French in school in elementary, and then by Junior High it's optional. Lots of kids are in French Immersion though. For those of us not in or very near Quebec after the limited classes in school our exposure is pretty much reading the French on the back of the cereal box while eating our breakfast. Still, it's around you, and you can't help picking up a few things. I watched the French version too, and was struggling. I made out a bit of it but missed most of it, and was very glad for the subtitles.

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