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Iraqi teenagers stoned to death for "emo" haircuts


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At least 90 Iraqi teenagers with "emo" appearances have been stoned to death by religious extremists in Baghdad in the past month after an inflammatory interior ministry statement dubbed it "devil worshiping", activists said.

Iraq's Moral Police released a chilling statement on the interior ministry's website condemning the "emo phenomenon" among Iraqi youth, disturbingly declaring its intent to "eliminate" the trend.

"The 'Emo phenomenon' or devil worshiping is being followed by the Moral Police who have the approval to eliminate [the phenomenon] as soon as possible since it's detrimentally affecting the society and becoming a danger," the statement read.

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Did anyone doubt that Iraq was going to revert to type once the troops pulled out?

These are people whose minds are back in the fifth century and Islam wants to keep them there. Without western support Iraq would be a nation of fanatics with lots of oil. This exposure to western values will never be accepted unless those involved are part of the monied elite, in which case they are protected. The average kid in the street has no choice but to conform to the bearded radicals who will not accept change.

I for one am all in favor of walking away from the Middle East. Period.

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