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Erotic romance novel tops New York Times best-seller list.


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Erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey, by previously unknown British author EL James, has topped the New York Times best-seller list.

A limited print run of the book, the first of a trilogy, has sold out while the majority of sales were of e-books.

James, a TV executive and mother-of-two from west London, has now signed a book deal in the US with Random House.

Her agent, Val Hoskins, said James was "overwhelmed" by the success of the "21st century word-of-mouth" hit.

The really interesting thing is that the books started out as 'Twilight' fan fiction. Once Twilight became successful James re-wrote them.

There is hope for us all! :icon_thumleft:

Read the complete article here.

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There is hope for us all, indeed. I have long held the view that here on Awesomedude are writers of enormous talent, whose work stands comparison with anything coming out of the major publishing houses. The difference is that we are characterized not by our drive to get published and achieve fame and fortune, but by our warmth and friendliness and our support of each other. Group hug, everyone!

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I had to screen the Twilight abortion movie at the cinema where I work. First time I ever thought I would throw up from boredom.

(I should have stopped the movie after Taylor Laughtner took his shirt off in the first scene.)

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