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Dear Des...thank you

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Not sure how many of you are aware of Des' reach within the LBGT community, most I am sure. I know he appears here as a cute little furry thing with a wicked sense of humor. But he is also out there impacting the lives of ordinary humans...like me.

Des' column/blog is always right on the money when it comes to current events and topics. He writes about so many things and all of them make the reader think, which seems to be his objective. I have found his commentary to be inspiring, educational, and more than I ever expected from the orange haired creature we all love.

Check this out, and thank you Des:


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Curses, I've been outed, again.

Chris, thank you, I am humbled by your post.

LGBTQNation and BN&S both post my articles, whenever I manage to write one.

The link you posted is for my latest article, and can also be seen at Trab's and my website which we share to archive our work.

The Dude has kindly put a link to our archive under AwesomeDude Links. We have only just started the site, so we have many back articles to post.

The site will not replace my appearance at AwesomeDude (the trees are better here).

I also have to acknowledge with much appreciation the editing that Trab does on my articles. Without his contribution, the articles would be much less coherent and insightful (inciteful). He is a true friend. The process of editing live online with Trab is just hours of fun, hilarity and productivity. I am surprised that more people don't use live 'screen-share' for editing.

Again, thanks for the kind words Chris. :hug:

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You are most welcome, Des. But I had a good laugh this morning when I realized that the genie in the magic lamp shortened the link I gave to lbgtqnati...oral predators. Kinda makes your article look like some steamy porn bash. Hmm, perhaps it might attract more attention this way?

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