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I don't think Jesus would approve...

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Controversial is putting it mildly. If there was gay child in that audience and he was mine I would be scrambling for the phone number to the ACLU.

Christian rock is bad enough, but this? Who let these hatemongers in the door of a public school. Time to lawyer up.

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The video at the above link has been removed, but I found another video report on the event at this site.

The man behind it all appears to be Bradlee Dean, who seems to be a well known homophobe. Just Google his name if you want to see the references to him and his band. I have seen some of his events before and find them repulsive. He's definitely not, what I would describe as a loving Christian man.

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It seems atheists are active in Australia


I just love the motto, (from Woody Allen, I believe) on the side of the bus,

"If God exists, I hope he has an excuse."

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So Mike Cooper resigned and the reason is "He simply wants to be a superintendent"? OMG, just think about the school district where he becomes superintendent and the kind of people who are on the school board there that would hire him.

Colin :icon_geek:

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I've got to say after having kids in schools and watching some of the decisions being made, I am tempted for the first time ever to run for school board. I'm a consultant - consultants do NOT run for office but I am giving it very serious consideration. We're lucky the school my kids attend has a good administrative and teaching staff, but the board and district superintendent leave a lot to be desired.

It just goes to the old addage - if you see a wrong and can do something to fix it, you have an obligation to act. gah! I hate hearing about this stuff even more than the castration of boys that the Dutch catholic church did during the 1950's if the boys got caught having gay sex.

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