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Tennessee lawmakers back away from "don't say gay" bill


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Sponsors had been under pressure to amend the original bill, which would have banned any teaching about homosexuality apart from “natural human reproduction” before eighth grade. The measure was meant to keep schools and teachers from initiating discussions about gays and lesbians, but even its backers conceded Tuesday that it might have brought unintended consequences.

The bill lost a lot of support when people started actually doing their homework.

“We found out there really is not sex education curriculum in K-8 right now,” said state Rep. Bill Dunn, R-Knoxville, the bill’s original sponsor.

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I think a lot of these really radical conservative state legislatures are discovering that they are on the wrong track. Their personal ambitions, fueled by illogical views and religious fanatics, are not being supported by the people in their state. Jobs, energy and the economy are the top concerns. The old gay issues are just not something anyone wants to see their elected officials batting around anymore. (Thank Goodness)

We can only hope that any targeted gay rights issue will be met with voter disapproval. This is why guys like Rick Santorum are on the decline. His old scare tactics don't work anymore. And his latest rant about banning porn just proves how out of touch he really is. That case was decided in court long ago and nothing Santorum can do will ever stop legal free speech.

As for Tennesee and their moronic anti-gay bill, they must have heard the ACLU gathering outside the state house door. How much longer will the people of that state put up with such a waste of tax payer dollars?

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