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Original Face Instruction Manual for Worrywarts

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Original Face Instruction Manual for Worrywarts

Bi Janus

Inattentive breathing

or mindful breathing,

step without attention

or mindful step,

all thought and action


toward the still point in the precise turning

of inhalation

to exhalation.

From the still point in the precise turning

of exhalation

to inhalation

the world that can be enjoyed and suffered


No object,

no category,

not time,

not this,

not that,

arises in any other way.

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I have read all of the poetry that you have posted Bi-Janus, but I have never commented on any of them before. Mostly, because I don't know what to say. But like Des, you cause me to think. It doesn't matter what I'm thinking, but it does matter that I AM thinking, trying to put meaning to your words.

There have been many times when I have found some truth in some aspect of my life totally unrelated to the story or image in your poetry. But maybe that's the point...to cause people to think.

Thank you

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