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Update on Mike

Alien Son

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Mike has phoned me with an update on his condition.

The hip replacement surgery went well and he is recovering in hospital. He says there was no pain when the injury occurred, but the aftermath is pretty uncomfortable.

I passed on all the greetings from readers and authors and he was touched to receive them.

He's hoping to call me again in the next day or two.



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Thanks for the info.  Mike is a great guy and we wish him good things quickly.



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After a week's delay I've been able to talk to Mike again.

He's still in hospital and has been very unwell. He's making slow progress. He does not have access to his email at present, so for the time being please don't expect a reply if you email him personally, or if you submit a story.

I will post story updates for current serials for the near future.


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Thanks for the update, John. Let me know if you need some help with turning stories into code. Unfortunately, recovery from this type of hip fracture is difficult under the best of circumstances, and can be perilous for someone with Mike’s other health issues. The shoulder fracture doesn’t help the situation either. It will take months for him to recover. Please let him know my thoughts are and will be with him throughout.

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Latest news on Mike:

I've just spoken with Mike by phone. He's doing much better now, but is still weak. He lost a lot of weight but is regaining that now. He's in rehab and spending some time in a wheelchair, and hoping to start walking soon. He sounded much more cheerful than he did last time I spoke with him.

Mike now has his laptop computer and is able to get online. He asked me to let everyone know that he'll be reading your forum posts but won't be able to reply because he's unable to type at present. He appreciates all the good wishes being sent his way, and says he'll be back on deck as soon as he can manage it.

- John

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