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News to make you frown

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Yes folks, hugging is outlawed at this school in New Jersey.

I won't go into what I think of the state in general, but this hands off approach seems consistant with what their latest Governor has to say about LBGTQ issues. But moving on:

Let's stop hugging. In fact, why don't they put students in a plastic bubble so that can't even touch one another? Just another rule that makes it easier for administrators and teachers to ignore the students. This touch and you die approach is deadly.

What are humans if not affectionate? Why would we eliminate the one gesture that most kids feel is important in social interaction? Yes, hands below the waist, butt grasping and all the variations are not welcome. But how do we stop kids from sharing an emotional gesture with their friends. Is this where the bubbles would come in handy?

Hugs prevent bullying, there I've said it. A hug is not a kiss or a punch, both of which schools might like to prevent. Kids won't hurt someone they hug, and if a student objects to being hugged they could wear a button that says: Don't hug me. Those are the ones I would rush off to the nearest counselor.

Hugging is social behavior, not anti-social. If it turns into a grope then discipline needs to be applied, but then that is all part of the learning experience. When schools stop allowing students to interact in a responsible way then their mission has failed. I am all for corporal punishment in schools, but only when it is applied to the backside of idiots like this principal. Just hand me the paddle.

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I was groped in my second year at high school. It didn't turn the groper gay, and it didn't make me straight, but I have been known to grope myself.

Hugging is explicit expression of our compassion and affection for each other.

Those who would prohibit hugging have succumbed to that horrible corporate institution of the euphemistically named, 'Human Resources' which treat human beings as 'things' to be manipulated as workers or employees. Treating people only as a resource, reifies them as an abstraction, alienated, used and useful only as a 'thing'.

What better place than a school to indoctrinate young people into being alienated from each other, from being human, and making them ready for the tortuous psychological manipulation of the misnamed 'human resources' programs. This way the young will know to regard empathy, compassion or affection as weakness towards those whom they must treat with contempt for the sake of someone else's profit. It won't matter because they will be dealing with 'things'.

Forbidding hugging, in the young, cultivates psychopathy at the expense of joy in the touch of another human being. Counselling may well be needed to restore that joy, but be wary if the counsellor comes from those 'Human Resources' departments which are used to dim the expression of joy in relationships.

Of course we needn't worry that prohibiting hugging will be regarded as anything but a good thing amongst those who believe that hugs are indicative of homosexual aspirations in children. Yes that was sarcasm.

Hugging is a huge sin for those who are afraid of human affection, and that I would think includes the school principal in the above report.

Anyone want to watch me hug myself? :flasher[1]:

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I suppose that hugging along with many other expressions of friendship and compassion have been treated as narrowly sexual expressions by school administrators for many years--at least as long ago as I was in the one room schoolhouse. The problem is that when school administrators paint every display of human affection as unacceptable, the lesson is unfortunate. I remember that when I was leaving high school this same crowd sent us off to the jungles with M-16s because they believed that dominoes would fall in Southeast Asia. That fear was unjustified as is the fear that a hug will lead to carnal chaos in the hallways. Interestingly, among the first things male soldiers do after surviving battle together is to hug one another. Now that I think of it, hugging should be seen as a patriotic duty.

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