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IGMS Anthology - free this weekend only!


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If you like good Sci fi (and have a kindle reader) then grab the 'InterGalactic Medicine Show Anthology' which is free on Amazon on the 25th &26th March 2012:

The ebook version of the IGMS Awards anthology is going to be free on Amazon this weekend, from Saturday, March 24 through and including Monday, March 26th.

InterGalactic Awards Anthology Vol. I is a collection of stories from Orson Scott Card's award-winning magazine InterGalactic Medicine Show, spotlighting the winners of the magazine's readers' poll for best artwork and best short fiction.

Edited by Orson Scott Card and Edmund R. Schubert, this anthology also includes other popular stories from the magazine's six year run, as well as a new introduction by Peter S. Beagle.

Includes stories by such award-winning authors as Peter S. Beagle, Eugie Foster, Aliette deBodard, Marie Brennan, Alethea Kontis, recent Nebula-winner Eric James Stone, and many more.


Please visit this site at http://www.intergalacticmedicineshow.com

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Thank you, Camy! I just picked it up. I know some readers bypass introductions, but for anyone who reads, and especially anyone who writes, Peter S. Beagle's comments about short stories and novels are amusing and insightful.

Colin :icon_geek:

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