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Mind Over What Matters, new gay themed book

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Mind Over What Matters by Addym Kehris. (Published by CreateSpace)

In the past few years I have purchased some gay themed books on Amazon and am now aware that they are tracking me. This morning I found an e-mail from Amazon touting some new gay-themed fiction, and Mind Over What Matters was on the list. So of course I ordered it...not because I need to read the story, but I would like to support the author.

You see...I have already read the story, at least the first of what may become a three part series. The author, pen name Addym Kehris, is a friend of mine and I helped edit the original story. How much easier it is to be critical of someone else's work, and I was an ogre on this one.

To give you an idea of what is in the book would take pages, but I will just say that the opening chapter will immediately grab your attention. The young hero of this story has led a difficult life and now finds himself surrounded by a nasy gang of men who have raping some young boy ass on their minds. It doesn't turn out quite the way they expect...

A blend of science fiction and fantasy, this Earth bound story takes us to one of the planet's most unexpected places...Fair Atlantis. You thought it was a myth? That's because they wanted you to believe it is. The pages roll out a multitude of characters, each more interesting than the last. But eventually our young hero meets his mate and...you'll just have to read the book.

Young gay characters always seem to doubt their feelings, but the hero of this story has an unusual number of conflicts to resolve. A tale of intrigue, Mind Over What Matters is more than the title. Think of it as a clue to how our hero solves his problems. Give it a try and support a starving author...aren't they all?

The book is $13.33 from CreateSpace or Amazon (tax if it applies, and shipping of course)

https://www.createspace.com/3808357 (you may read further story infomation at this site)

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I appeciate your efforts, Chris. Seems no one takes this seriously. LOL. How bout if we give them the press release to look at:

Mind Over What Matters: Ground-Breaking Novel, Featuring Gay Hero Protagonist, Inspires Readers to Embrace Life’s Bold Possibilities.

Written by Addym Kehris, the novel provides the world with a young hero who learns that his potential and identity stretch far above and beyond his sexuality. With such pertinence to modern-day life, ‘Mind Over What Matters’ is poised to resonate with readers around the world.

For Immediate Release

Jacksonville, FL – While the world loves a good hero, few narratives develop a diverse character that can both inspire and empower readers to save their own worlds by achieving their dreams. However, a compelling new novel by Florida’s Addym Kehris has hit the virtual shelves with gusto and is set to change the mind-sets of readers everywhere.

While ‘Mind Over What Matters’ contains a gay protagonist, the narrative looks far beyond sexuality and into the greater good of humankind.


As a gay, homeless teenager, Haywood’s twenty-first century life was less than idyllic. But getting gang raped by six men, like now, moved his life into the realm of a living hell. Until, that is, his mind explodes awake and those same six men are soon spilling out their lives for the last time. To say he was frightened and confused by the event would be an understatement. What had he awakened? Answers begin coming several hours later when he is rescued from his life by friends he didn’t know he had. Then he is reunited with the birth family he never knew existed.

He couldn’t doubt the truth of these things because they presented evidence that could not be counterfeited…could not be denied. And yet, the truths they reveal to him…about him, are simply too unbelievable. And yet, he learns to believe as events conspire against him and he is forced to rely on those same unbelievable things to save him…and those he has recently come to love and cherish. His new life comes with moments of sheer bliss and contentment unlike any he ever dreamed of on the streets. But the moments of fear and terror balance this new life as he comes to understand that not all is perfection in this place. Still, these people endeavor to make the world a better place, even if the majority of that same world doesn’t know of their existence. Haywood has to discover his place in this new world. But most of all he needs to discover who he truly is and what he might contribute to the mighty effort of his new homeland. Still, he has a real home once again. He remembers a phrase from history and must agree that overall, this place really is…Fair Atlantis.

As the author explains, his book certainly gives readers something to think about.

I’m trying to change literary cultures by giving the world a young hero, who just happens to be gay. But that’s not all that he is; readers will get to see this as he discovers that under the proper encouragement, he really is so much more than he thought he could be,” says Kehris.

Continuing, “He constantly stretches himself and encompasses all possibilities that come his way. Yes, the narrative contains a number of harsh realities, but it’s all in an effort to showcase life’s possibilities and the importance of embracing them.”

Kehris also alludes to one of his book’s more poignant undertones.

“At the end of the story, Haywood discovers love that has nothing to do with his family. So many people in the real world struggle with accepting this, but it shouldn’t ever be a bar to their own ability to be loving or achieve their best. Haywood will come across as a very head-strong character and I hope this rubs off on all readers,” he adds.

With the book’s popularity increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Mind Over What Matters’ is available now: http://amzn.to/15pEI29

About the Author:

Being a twenty-five year old stuck in this fifty-eight year old body comes with challenges, as anyone approaching retirement can tell you. But there is nothing wrong with my imagination or my fingers. After a decade in the military, another decade in the public utilities industry, and the rest moving through various careers, I find my quiet, solitary life in front of the computer most appealing. My life now is spent working in words and wood, as I’m an accomplished furniture builder and enjoy time spent caressing bits of lumber into pleasing shapes and functions. It’s not that different from taking stray words and moulding them into appealing themes and plots. Besides all this, I play domestic god to my humble surroundings, cook extravagant meals for one, and interact happily with family, friends, and fans online. I find that it’s enough.

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