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Pics - Funny or Otherwise

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Oh I don't know about that.

We've had rainbow currency for years.

In keeping with the spirit of Australia day, here is a preview of the Australian "youthful" bank notes scheduled for release in the near future. These new potential designs were announced by the Reserve Bank of Australian on September 27, 2012.


Here's a pic of our standard older bank notes:


Everything you wanted to know about Aussie money here, (except, of course. how to keep it or make more of it.)

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Canada is closer. There is something about wanting to be an Aussie...

It's easy, just like cars, sports, drinking beer with other blokes, and be dismissive, frivolous and immature about everything else.

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I noticed that 3.25% on the label. I'm not even sure we can get that here. As far as I know, the highest fat percentage in milk sold here 3%. I was surprised to see that on the label. Is 3.25% milk standard around this country anywhere that others know about?

Californians are different, I know. I think the most popular milk sold here is 1% fat.


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