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On Controversy

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Hi Gang -

Well, we've had another controversial topic and at the original poster's request, I have locked the thread.

Compared to past controversies... it didn't get really nasty because - unlike some things that have happened here - no real malice was involved, just a difference of opinions.

I am going to have to ask you all -once again- to keep your responses on topic and not let emotions carry you away. As a journalist, you know how I abhor censorship - so I don't want to just delete the replies using offensive language and hyperbole. I also don't want to discourage folks who make reasoned and well thought out responses by deleting the thread entirely. That would send the wrong message... that their responses and the time they put into them was wasted.

But you have to remember the purpose of the AD Forums... to facilitate the exchange among folks who love to read and write.

Unfortunately, I have not heard anything from Blue, our moderator for this forum for some time... so I have had to jump in myself. Which means taking time from other duties... most urgent of which is updating the Best-Of-Nifty page.

Please, this is the only non-literary forum at AwesomeDude Forums... if you want to keep it, let's keep it civil!


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Please, folks, it is too easy to take discussions too personally or to let them stray into personal issues. After all, sexual orientation is among the most personal of what it means to be who each one of us is, so discussion about that is hard to keep separate from oneself.

Please remember that questions and answers may differ from your (or my) own view of things and still be meant as sincere, earnest attempts to reach the truth and understand each other, or what it means to be gay or just plain human.


I took some personal time alone this past weekend, and haven't been on as much the entire past week.

I am dealing with real-world issues, ordinary, but pressure all the same.

I am trying to deal with who I am as a gay guy, and that has its rough spots for me sometimes. I can't help that; I'm trying to do better with it.

I am still dealing with the recent death of a long-ago friend. What was said, and especially what wasn't said, in his obituary, has affected me strongly. I'm still getting over it.

I *will* be online, but all those are pressures in my life right now. I hope those of you here will understand that.


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