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Uppercase I

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Just a few less steps to the porch from the grass

When you whispered ?Let?s cut for the shore.

Let?s whistle songs about seascapes and skylines

And pretend that we?re marching to war.

When the sun trickles down like the sweat from our hair

Leaving puddles of dusk on the sand,

Then we?ll run back inside and we?ll sleep ?till there?s light

Then we?ll run out and do it again.?

Five less months to the day when you took a step back

And you raised just one hand to the sky.

Said ?Orion?s alone with his back to the Earth,

And sometimes, I think, so am I.?

It looked to me like I?d had nothing to say

Except ?I don?t know what I should say.

We?re just lower case letters with Uppercase Eyes.?

You smiled, said ?Turn the damned page.?

Couldn?t tell what they were until we got in-

The sounds were so foreign back then.

I heard each report crashing cold, static, short

We just looked at each other and ran.

Punctuation perforated all through your wall

Plaster puncture wounds brilliant and screaming

Each period said ?No, I marked no end,

But next time? You?d better be leaving.?

Hope you found seascapes and hope you found Earth

Hope you found safety in skylines

Hope you got a window built street-side West

To watch sunsets and traffic colliding.

Hope you got out, hope you made it there safe

With your old name and secrets in hiding

Hope every night you forget your mistakes

Hope your Uppercase Eyes keep on shining.

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That's so very beautiful, Elecivil. Your stuff, poetry and prose, always makes me feel awkward with words. You're wonderful.



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