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Fortune Cookie, Right or Wrong!

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I bought fortune cookies a while ago. Sometimes, they are funny; sometimes, old sayings; and sometimes, these are off the wall.

But the one tonight was...well, if it's true, it's probably going to surprise whoever it is as much as it did me. See for yourself!

A secret romance is blooming! Go for it, in spite of your hesitations.

Huh? Really? This is news to me! My social life is less than zero.

If there IS anybody out there who likes me, as in likes-likes, as in, well, pretty much as in anything whatsoever involving quiet romantic moments or loud wall-shaking lust, well...it would be news to me. As far as I know, it would be news to anybody else.

In order for there to be a secret romance, there has to be somebody thinkin' of you. Ordinarily, this would require them knowing you. Or else it's a really nice generalized fantasy, y'know?

Yeah, did I mention, no social life lately, and not for a long time?

The thing is, although I was brought up not to believe in luck and superstition, well...my mom and dad always told the story of how they went out for Chinese food on their first date, talked a lot, and their fortune cookies both said they'd met the one they'd marry. :D

So, y'know, I sort of have to consider there might be something to this fortune cookie thing.

Yeah, yeah, the guy or girl writing the fortune cookie sayings that day was probably just lonely (and horny) and is probably ancient.

It's heck when your fortune cookie is a tease!

Hmm...maybe he's cute...younger?...at least not too ancient?

Now that dang fortune cookie has me wondering. But yeah, I got nothin', here. If I've got a secret admirer, he'd better get busy, I'm not gettin' any younger, here!

At least the fortune cookie wasn't stale....

Please Note: No, this does not give permission for any creepy-nutjob types to propose, well, whatever. Besides, anybody who seriously thinks they want me would have to handle my brand of crazy. Just saying.

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