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So long, farewell

Guest Dabeagle

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Guest Dabeagle

George Carlin used to say some people needed practical advice, even when saying hello or goodbye. Perhaps the best I could say to this man is 'Don't get run over.'


See ya, so hope to never have the displeasure again, but I bet some right wing 'non-think tank' will hire you to be their mouthpiece. You'll be the new Pat Buchanan.

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Despite the family crisis, which I wouldn't wish on any parent, I think Rick Santorum has dropped out because he was too busy with his thoughts that he is God's other son. The Catholics have their trinity, but Rick was trying to give the Holy Ghost a run for his money. Who knows, a trio can always become a quartet. What a waste of a human being.

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With a box of Froot Loops. Also a can of mixed nuts. And perhaps some loose screws, nuts, and bolts. In case he needs home repairs.

Secretary of Church and State

Heheh, good one, very snarky, but I fear not far enough from what he wants.

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