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Gay Rights Movement


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One of the clips there is from two of my hometown's news anchors, both of whom are still at that channel, I think.

We still have so far to go before equality and the lack of fear of what people don't understand because they don't think they're familiar with it.

I want to live in a world where there is acceptance and love instead of hate and exclusion and telling people like me we cannot be who we are.

Separate is not equal. Second class is not classy for either side. We can, and should, be better as a society. Until we are, our society isn't right or just.

But what really matters is, people are being excluded so much that some are hurt, killed, or do harm to themselves. That must not continue. There must be change. I want something better in my lifetime, for myself and for others.

Why do people want to hate and exclude and forbid, when no one is asking them to love someone of the same sex, but merely to accept that someone else does?

Why should LOVE be a thing to be denied, hated, feared, forbidden, excluded? Why are so many so willing to be blinded to this, to believe without trying to understand?

I ask as someone who sought to understand his own feelings, who was brought up that those feelings were not right somehow. And yet, there they are, real and undeniable, feelings for the same sex, instead of for the opposite sex.

I had to unlearn in order to go forward. I'm still learning. -- I wish others were willing to understand, even if they don't have those same feelings.

People must change, or there will be too many more heartaches and too much lost potential for good, for love, for acceptance and growth.

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