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My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose-a TR poem

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My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose

My love is like a red, red rose:

All spiky leaves and thorny,

Crawling thick with icky bugs;

Too bad I?m always horny.

My love is like a field in bloom:

Dirty, unkempt, rank with weeds;

It?s just my goddamn bad luck

That I?m packing what he needs.

My love is like a sunset dream,

Or nightmare that never ends;

I ask when he?ll get a life,

He just answers, ?That depends.?

My love is like the deep blue sea:

Salty, stormy and all wet;

I hope the jerk will dry up

But it hasn?t happened yet.

My love is like a pure white dove:

Sharp beak, squawking to be fed,

Pinfeathers, bird mites and germs;

Tends to shit right on my head.


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Condolences on your love. Sounds like our luck is about the same.

However, congrats on a wonderful, witty poem.

As long as we can laugh about it, we're unlikely to become snipers.


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Haha, love it.  Murders every 10th-grade-love-poem cliche ever written.

I am so romantical that it makes me sneeze.



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