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So, just out of curiosity, are the ladies lesbians, or the horses? What about those nice gay stallions? Either way, it's a story saddled with mounting tensions. You'll want the plot to giddy up.

OK, so I'm enough of a font geek to know that font is recent, just not sure of the name.

Hmm, the second one, that plot's gone to the dogs. What kind of a sick puppy would wanna read that? Why, there's whole chunks missing. (Poor Fido! This is what his loyalty gets him? Bite your master, Fido! At least pee on his leg!)

The first one...kinda hard to tell if size matters if ya can't see the complete package. The cop seems impressed, though, and it looks like the dog's excited. Must not be the same dog owner as Fido's meanie. Hard to charge a guy with streaking if you can't tell for sure, but all I see is the cap. Hmmmm. Suppose he went skinny dipping?

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