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Conversion of the Innocents

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Conversion of the Innocents

Bi Janus

For John, who at least died unashamed

The enervation

of the Sacred

does not follow

from a man

loving a man.

Shhh! So little time

you had in sunlight,

most in the shadow

of a father’s unkindness.

I thought together we would

give you relief,

but, no, only brief joy

overcome by your tears

while my heart vibrated

between our baptismal trysts.

Rather, the impulse

precedes shame,

until Fathers

strike it cold,

when a boy

loves a boy.

Johnno, you thinking

my walls passing strange,

as from them, surfer boys

and Ursula stared,

while the eyes from yours,

watching us cavort,

were above the thorn-wreathed

Sacred Heart of Jesus.

You were the one abashed

when I took your hand

on the street,

and you never quite believed,

even after we mixed it up

with that fine young girl.

No Holy Writ

instructs human love,

alas excepting Solomon,

but we might find the way

if tentative embrace

is not decried

by shame.

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