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Infuriating ignorance...

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How little do some of these rural pastors know about humanity. This man is an example of how embarassing those with a small mind can effect the cause of Christian thought.

I don't begrudge anyone's religious beliefs, we all have our hangups. But when I see something like this, and hear the positive response of his audience, I wonder why I even bother to support that statement. The religion of hate is not the answer to anyone's problems.

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It isn't just rural folks.

Amount of education doesn't matter either.

But -- Why waste time with the ultra-negative people? There's enough without looking for it or giving it more views. -- Yes, we need to be aware, and wary. It's just very sad there are people who hate -- and fear -- so much.

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This pastor is so obviously suffering closed mind syndrome. Way back when he was young, he was trained, indoctrinated, talked into a particular mindset; convinced by someone or by himself to adopt attitudes that left him with little ability to discern or relate to, changing environments or thoughts.

He is typical of those who settle on one answer fits all. I doubt he has any capacity left to function intellectually in any situation requiring critical thinking that is outside of his preordained value system. He is as much a danger to himself as he is to his congregation.

There is a serious depletion of sophisticated thought processing in such people, often limited by what they are taught in their formative years. The ability to remain open and accessible to new and different challenges, customs and thoughts is one of the most treasured of all qualities in an individual, and anything which inhibits that ability is an enemy of every freedom, but especially that of being able to think anew in every situation, for oneself.

I'm afraid in this man's case we see an almost extreme example of repressed thinking, inhibiting even the common courtesy of allowing others to be different. His lack of any real education is revealed in his every utterance, and that is almost in spite of his drawl.

I would predict a cerebral incident is not an unlikely event in his future unless he seeks help from a mental health professional.

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What a sad, pathetic, small-minded little man. "Little" not in physical stature, obviously, but in ability to understand, to see the world, to learn and expand his horizons.

I strongly suspect his home is a stifling, rigid, arrogant place, full of bitterness, hate, and repressed anger. I hope he doesn't have children.

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