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John Jacob Erickson!

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A short story that could be the start of a serial novel as I've talked to Kiwi, the author. Be that as it may, in general I like the short story format, trying to convey a complex idea or ideas in few words.


I'm not saying any more, as I'll spoil it for you, but at just over 1000 words (my computer counted them for me), worth a couple of minutes of your time.

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Saying I didn't see it coming is like saying... well, lets's just say I never see anything coming, and I'm usually no more surprised by it than the morning sun. The full account of my experience, already in the authors hands, is fortunately for you all, full of spoilers. It reads a lot like one of those "near-death experiences" except here, the impact life threatening and only the whole story flashed before my eyes. Seriously, it's like detailed instant replay at the speed of sound. Or light. Whichever's faster.

Jump in any time David, I know you're here somewhere.

Congratulations on a job well done. Complements here are compliments, indeed.

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