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I Expect Gray Hair Any Day Now by Tim

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In regards to Tim's short story posted on AD....

How delightful, what a marvelous description of family life. The story rings true enough to be based on real events although it would be equally as valid if it were fiction, but I want to believe. There are whole careers in print based upon just such material, from books to the comic pages.

A great story, Tim. I imagine there are some parenting magazines or even the Reader's Digest who might pay you for the privledge of publication. Then you can put the money in a college fund for the little guy and have the pleasure of telling him where it came from once he gets past the sippy cup stage. :icon_thumleft:

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That's just too funny, and so well written.

You should do a sitcom based on those kids.

Don't worry about the grey hairs, they'll sneak up on you as they do to us all.

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OMG Tim. What a slice of real life raising good kids who are part of a family. I have two foster boys, and it's like I'm seeing my 9 year old.

As I'm trying to write this, my 9 year old has built (by himself) a boxing ring out of our patio chairs as end posts with rope strung around them as the ring. He just drug David out to see it and play with him, but he was not pleased that I had to finish this post.

Gotta go to be a part of his excitement.

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