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Firefox 13?


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Oh, good grief. Firefox just updated itself to 13.0 after easily less than a year. In fact, my dim memory seems to say it went from 10 to 13 in less than a year.

I'm tempted to make jokes about pimples and Firefox hitting puberty early.

I'm tempted to make jokes about superstitious, unlucky 13. (Baloney.)

Mostly, I'm just tempted to laugh. The version numbering has gone completely ridiculous.

How about they name the next version 14-Psi-Phi-Green-42-Half-Pear-Quadrillion. (After all, they couldn't call it Apple or Googleplex or Peachpit, now could they?)

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I understand that Firefox changed it's numbering regime a while back, so that minor upgrades instead of getting decimal increments, now get ordinal increments. I heard a suggestion that this was to catch up numerically with Internet Explorer, perhaps they'd come across users who assumed IE was more advanced because it was numbered 8 when Firefox was only on 5 - or something?!

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