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When Underthehoodster went on vacation, I joked:

*sniffle* Missin' ya already, Hoodster. ...Saaayyyyy! On the other hand, does this mean I get to play with the characters while you're gone? Heheheh, just kidding...although it's tempting.

Well, that got a laugh from a person or two, who suggested it would be fun to see what different authors here would do if they had P&J in their hands, so to speak, for a chapter or two.

For that matter, it might be fun to see what other authors would do with each others' stories.

What I'm thinking is that someone might do a tangent or parallel story, using things from another author's story, so as not to interfere with anything in the real story. Or a crossover, where the writer's own characters and the other writer's characters meet in either place. Or...well, or something.

Now, before you protest, I'm not suggesting that we start anything that might hurt another author's feelings. Some authors may not want their stories and characters to be borrowed. I think we can all understand that we want to respect each other's stories.

But a little fun or farce or parody might be OK.

What do you all think of the idea? Would this work some way? Are there other ways it might work better?

Personally, I'd say we could be pretty open with this. I'd suspect most of the authors here appreciate most of the other authors' stories, and would want to respect the worlds they have created like they'd want respect for their own.

To give you an idea of how this might work, my next post will give a little bit that I wrote when someone mentioned what it would have been like if they had been in school with P&J.

The following has one slight change to correct something that was funnily unclear in what I posted then. It is fairly close to how I might have been back in the 8th grade (that is, at about 14) if somehow I'd wound up transferred to St. Boniface where P&J attend.

(Oh, and Hoodster, let us know if this is OK with you. Since the mini-story got a nice reaction earlier, I figured it would be alright here. No offense meant.)

Other authors, what do you think of the idea of having a little fun with each others' stories as a writing exercise? How should we do this, if we do?

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Past Blue Visits P&J

A micro-chapter by ~Blue

Based on Perry & Jesse

Created by Underthehoodster

It's lunch time on my first day here. Jeez, this school is so small! Hey, those guys were pretty cool earlier. Maybe I can sit with them. They ask good questions about my reading glasses and monocular, which is like a small telescope. Wow, they like science fiction. Morgan is kind of a jock, but he seems cool about it. Gene sort of reminds me of my dad, but he's easier to talk to. Tom. Tom sees my drawing pad and pens, and he shows me his. I mean, his notebook. Why did I just think that? He seems sort of, sort of...gay. I've never known anyone like that before. Well, I don't care, I like him anyway. It's probably just me. Maybe he could help me practice Spanish. Haha, is he gonna be surprised when he hears my good accent come from this WASP kid! Jesse is kind of hard to talk to. I keep getting nervous. He likes writing and karate. Maybe he could teach me some. It would sure help against the bullies. He looks so good. I bet the girls are all after him. God, I almost got hard. If he knew, he'd probably beat the crap out of me. I'd like to be his friend. I sure hope he's not a bully. Perry is really nice. God, he reminds me of one of my best friends. We finish lunch and the guys ask me if I want to play basketball. I say maybe next time. I want to think some. I've just met these new friends, and my feelings are so mixed up. I can't be gay. Never mind about that friend in 5th grade. In fact, forget about that entirely. I shouldn't have sat out. This kid walks up to me. Derek. He says his friend Tom draws. Tom runs up and Derek asks him to show me his drawing. Tom doesn't want to. I say it's OK. But they are already running and chasing each other. It's so funny and comfortable, I have to laugh. I put up my stuff. I just relax and watch the guys playing ball. Tom and Derek are at a table by themselves talking. Just before the bell, I'm still absorbed just thinking and watching the game. Suddenly, someone behind me says something. I jump. Jesse laughs and says I should chill, it's OK. He walks off ahead. It isn't until I walk in that I realize what he said. "Watching the guys play with their balls, huh?" I'm sure that's what he said. I'm just not sure how he meant it. While I'm trying to figure it out, I see Jesse lean up to Perry's ear and say something. Perry looks surprised, grins, and playfully shoves Jesse. Perry glances back at me, pensively, but I can't tell what he's thinking as they walk to class. I think I'm going to like it here, but I'm gonna have to be careful.

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Thanks, Blue. I like this a lot. I remember when you posted this at the lj. It's almost like a re-introduction to some of the main characters.

The gentleman who posts at the lj as Greywolf has suggested incorporating P&J into a story he is working on. I know he is working on it, but am not sure if and when he intends to post it. I'm looking forward to it.

Nick Nurse and I facetiously discussed the idea of Tristan and Perry meeting up at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Not sure what that would be like though. There is the age difference and Perry and Tristan have very different personalities.

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Welcome back, Hoodster!

Josh's editor said nice things about you, btw, and Ryan of Kayden and One Life said he's really wrapped up in uni. and his writing, so he's behind in reading P&J. :) You should check out the new writers' stories, quite good.

I hope the folks here enjoy the mini-story.

Greywolf would have an interesting take on things. Too bad he hasn't been on the lj much lately. -- Liked his input.

Newbie and non-SoCal guy that I am, what's Fashion Island at Newport Beach? A gay or nude beach? That could be nice. :: Savage Garden's Truly, Madly, Deeply comes to mind. ::

Since Perry and Tristan are so different, that might make an interesting chapter. How would they meet and react to each other and what would happen? There are all sorts of possible answers. That's a pretty good example of what I'm thinking of. Not only is this a chance for everyone (writers and readers) to have some fun and loosen up a bit, but it could be a good writing exercise. There's the chance for send-ups as well as for seriousness.

This reminds me a lot of the theatre analogies I've used with TragicRabbit. In a creative writing assignment or a theatre exercise, each person might get a different scenario and characters or everyone might be asked to answer the same problem. My answer to a meeting between Perry and Tristan would be very different from Hoodster's or Nick's, just because we all view the scene differently.

Specifically, about serious issues that might come up, that's how each author might stage the story. I know that stories here have often made me stop and think about how I feel about the issues.

Maybe that clarifies things. What do others think?

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Well, I don't claim to be a writer but how about a story outline?

Josh writes a P&J chapter.

Not only do Perry and Jesse finally do the deed, but Jesse calls Morgan and Tom to join in the fun. After the throbbing pain in his butt subsides, Perry decides to do it with Jessica thinking if being a "catcher" is that much fun, being a "pitcher" should be a blast.

Jessica arranges to use "Mr. Broyhill" but Clarissa insists on being part of the dog and pony show and straps on her "Steely Dan." Perry takes it like a man again, but after taking a look at her cousin and Steely Dan, Jessica decides she doesn't need Perry.

Perry starts to walk home and gets assaulted by Deanna and the Dykes of Doom. What happens isn't pretty! Barely able to walk, at this point Perry calls Gary who shows up in his rickety car and agrees to drop Perry at Jesse's place if Perry promises another "foot job."

Jesse says he feels sorry for Perry, but admits he has been dating Billy from Hode Ranch for the past 2 weeks.

After a long cry, the two boys agree to forsake all others and plan their committment ceremony.

With apologies to both Josh and Hoodster.

As always,

Ben Dover :wink:

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blue writes: Newbie and non-SoCal guy that I am, what's Fashion Island at Newport Beach? A gay or nude beach? That could be nice. :: Savage Garden's Truly, Madly, Deeply comes to mind.

If you read Tristan's Redemption, you will recall that it is an upscale shopping mall in Orange County, where Tristan spots his (former) best friend and Lisa. There's a Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, and other high end stores there. People take their fru-fru dogs for walks there.

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D'oh! Clearly I need to reread Tristan's Redemption. Good idea, in any case!

Oh my, the boys visit a gay or nude beach. My brain must be doing curious things.


Ben Dover, be nice to our buddy Perry, or Jesse may have to pull out his "Kung Fu Fighting" CD.

You know the song, don't play like you've never heard it! :o) -- Though I wonder if some of the younger guys have heard it.

The girls with "Steely Dan." :snickers: Now that, I didn't expect.

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